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JJ Cale 1938-2013

JJ Cale was born and raised in Oklahoma and was known for The Tulsa Sound, which was a blend of unique hybrid of blues, cajun, folk and jazz styles. I never had the pleasure of meeting or working with JJ but

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Another Photo from Sunset Sound Sessions

We have fielded a lot of questions about the photo used on our main page. Here is another one from the session with a lighter, clearer picture of some of those involved in the project. The Mixing board was located

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Rare Fleetwood Mac

Enjoy this video taken in 1975 in Largo, MD. A great example of how lovely Christine Mcvie’s voice is as well as a great example of how the musicianship of the band was top notch. Personally, I really love the

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The Beatles Sgt Pepper: The Album that Changed Music

This month is the anniversary of the release of Sgt. Pepper’s Lonely Hearts Club Band. Sgt. Pepper was recorded at Abbey Road studios between November 1966 and April 1967 . It was recorded on 4-track, 2-track and mono machines, which

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Music from the 60s; 10 Songs Every Band Had to Know

As a member of 60s cult band the Jerms, Galen Senogles played hundreds, if not thousands of gigs across the US. In this blog we talk about some of the standards of the day which appeared in and were played

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Classic Songs Analyzed- Creedence Clearwater Revival’s Susie Q

A new feature we are doing here on the blog is taking some of our favorite old songs and digging a bit deeper into the production quality and the nuances that make them great songs. Today we are taking a

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Fleetwood Mac

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Pink Floyd

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Tom Petty

Mudcrutch came to California in late 1972. In 1974, Mudcrutch signed with Shelter Records Denny Cordell and re-located to Los Angeles, California. The band released one single, “Depot Street” and “Wild Eyes” in 1975, which failed to chart. After Danny

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Phil Ramone 1/5/1934 – 3/30/2013

Phil Ramone, Rest In Peace. I never had the pleasure to meet or work with Phil Ramone, but his influence was felt around the West Coast Music Business. Although Phil was without question, known as an East Coast Producer, and

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