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Music from the 60s; 10 Songs Every Band Had to Know

As a member of 60s cult band the Jerms, Galen Senogles played hundreds, if not thousands of gigs across the US. In this blog we talk about some of the standards of the day which appeared in and were played

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Classic Songs Analyzed- Creedence Clearwater Revival’s Susie Q

A new feature we are doing here on the blog is taking some of our favorite old songs and digging a bit deeper into the production quality and the nuances that make them great songs. Today we are taking a

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The Beatles-Remastered Versions Official and Not so Official

“You haven’t heard Sgt. Pepper until you‘ve heard it in Mono.”      -John Lennon One of the recurring themes of our upcoming book release is the almost obsessive passion for striving to the get the best sound. Be it in

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George Martin Parody Video

I Stumbled across this video, and for anyone who has ever watched any number of the myriad of George Martin interviews that are out there, there is some decided truth to this comedic video.

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John Lennon in the Studio recording Oh Yoko

We will go into some detail about what John Lennon was like working in the studio….this YouTube video may give some additional insight as to what to expect.

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