Phil Ramone 1/5/1934 – 3/30/2013

Phil Ramone, Rest In Peace.

I never had the pleasure to meet or work with Phil Ramone, but his influence was felt around the West Coast Music Business. Although Phil was without question, known as an East Coast Producer, and though I did not have the privilege of working with him personally, I was lucky enough to work with several artists over the years with whom he worked with at some point of time like Carly Simon, Billy Joel and probably some others who were fortunate enough to cross his path at one point or another. Phil Ramone’s influence on the Music Business will be with us forever and his contributions to the music world reached across the globe and influenced many musicians, producers, and engineers alike and most likely a great percentage of those who have ever worked in the recording industry.

God bless Phil and those in his family.

phil ramone
Philip Ramone was an American recording engineer, record producer, violinist, and composer

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