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Fleetwood Mac

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Pink Floyd

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Tom Petty

Mudcrutch came to California in late 1972. In 1974, Mudcrutch signed with Shelter Records Denny Cordell and re-located to Los Angeles, California. The band released one single, “Depot Street” and “Wild Eyes” in 1975, which failed to chart. After Danny

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Phil Ramone 1/5/1934 – 3/30/2013

Phil Ramone, Rest In Peace. I never had the pleasure to meet or work with Phil Ramone, but his influence was felt around the West Coast Music Business. Although Phil was without question, known as an East Coast Producer, and

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The Beatles-Remastered Versions Official and Not so Official

“You haven’t heard Sgt. Pepper until you‘ve heard it in Mono.”      -John Lennon One of the recurring themes of our upcoming book release is the almost obsessive passion for striving to the get the best sound. Be it in

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